DAA Auto Body Center


DAA Auto Body Center has been prepping automobiles for the DAA Northwest auto auction for many years. Most people were not aware that the Auto Body Center is also open to the general public. When DAA opened a second Auto Body Center location (not associated with the auto auction) it was decided to create a website to make the general public aware of the DAA Auto Body Center brand and quality work.

Our Solution

To address the belief that the DAA Auto Body Center was for auto dealers only it was decided to create a separation from its parent company DAA Northwest. It began with a whole new look for the website and brand. To appeal to the public the website’s design reflects the clean, professional look of the facilities and is mobile-friendly. The website’s content is written to address the pain points the public encounters when dealing with collision repair and emphasizes employee experience and certification using the latest repair technologies. All of this has led to a greater public awareness, being found easier by search engines, and converting visitors to customers.

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