Madison Real Estate & Property Management


The owner of Madison Real Estate and Property Management was providing his clients links to various company websites to transact business, but really needed one central site that could serve the many different functions this business required. The main emphasis of the business is property management, working with both property owners and tenants. The website did not reflect this and failed to produce leads to property owners looking for management services.

Our Solution

Property management is now emphasized by stating it prominently on the website’s first page, providing a quote form for property management services, and the ability to download a free report for property owners and investors. Additionally, separate areas have been created for property management, properties for rent (with current rental listings), and properties for sale (with home listings search capabilities). Also, there are separate interactive areas for property owners and tenants. Now, with a single, multipurpose website the owner of Madison Real Estate and Property Management can better serve his clients, accommodate growth, and be more efficient with his marketing efforts.

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